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Need a flexible loan program to buy an investment property? Our lender partners have the perfect loan program for you! The approval process is fast, and no personal income is used to qualify.

Investor Cash Flow Loan Program

Our Investor Cash Flow Program is ideal for experienced real estate investors who are purchasing or refinancing investment properties. We don’t use your income to qualify you for this loan, we use the cash flow generated from the subject property to get you qualified.

Qualify Based on Property Cash Flow

  • Investor Cash Flow Mortgage Loan
  • Purchase and cash-out refinance
  • No personal income used to qualify
  • Approval based on property cash flow
  • Excellent solution for real estate investors

Purchase and Cash Out Refinance Ok

Multiple properties are eligible for this Investor Cash Flow loan program. Short term rentals can also qualify. The loan qualification is determined based on a debt coverage ratio, or DCR, with borrowers qualifying based on cash flows from the subject property.

How the Investor Cash-Flow Loan Process Works

Our lenders don’t underwrite the borrower, they underwrite the subject property. They just want to know the property can support the loan payment, either now or in the future. The amount of down payment and the borrower’s credit rating determines the rate.

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