Top Purchase Home Loans For Self-Employed Business Owners

Are you self-employed? Have you been turned down because you weren’t able to prove income? Our lenders specialize in home loans for self-employed business owners.

Flexible Purchase Home Loans for the Self-Employed

The big banks and national mortgage lenders are making it more and more difficult for small business owners to obtain the financing they need to buy home. Guidelines are tighter and more and more documentation is being required. It’s even harder for American’s who don’t have perfect credit.

Our lenders love to loan to America’s small business owners. They offer a variety of flexible loan programs that don’t require the extensive paperwork demanded by the big banks and national mortgage lenders. The approval process is easy, a perfect credit score is not required, and very little paperwork is needed. In fact, no W-2 or tax returns are required.

Our lenders offer flexible financing for self-employed borrowers, small business owners and 1099 contractors.

The loan programs available do not require tax returns or W2s. Bank statements are used to show self-employment income.

These loan programs are designed for America’s small business owners and real estate investors.

You will have the option of choosing a conventional home loan with full documentation, or a loan program that uses bank statements to prove income.

Interest rates for these loans are very competitive.

There are loan programs available for both owner occupied properties and non-owner occupied properties.

Our lenders move fast! You can expect to be qualified the same day and have a fast closing!

Our lender partners offer flexible loan programs which allow borrowers to show their income in ways the big banks and national mortgage lenders won’t allow. Whether you’re a contract worker, have an LLC, own part of a corporation, or are self-employed in any way, we have the loan for you.

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